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Re: UPDATE: Smoke, Loss of Power...

On 1 Jun 2002, at 10:48, Wade Shen wrote:

> So far I've tuned her up, checked the pressure sensor, adjusted the
> valves etc.  I'm not losing any oil (or if so, too little to be
> noticed), but it really seems odd that fluid would be coming out of the
> exhaust pipe given how hot the exhaust is.  

Water is a normal byproduct of combustion. You need to figure out what this 
fluid really is. Keep in mind that even if it is mostly water, it will smell 
strongly of gas. Collect some of it in a glass and then add a bit of water. Gas 
won't mix with water.

> Given this and the helpful feedback from y'all, I figured the problem
> might be ignition related.  I rechecked all the points, wires,
> distributor and cap and they seem ok, but I did notice that the
> generator reads 12.65 volts at 1000 rpm idle, but gets as high as 14.1V.
> Is that normal?  My alternator vehicles generate a more constant 14
> volts at any engine speed.

It is normal for a generator system voltage to fall off at low RPMs.

> Jim had mentioned the fuel overflow hose and water contamination as a
> possibility as well.  Mine was broken and leaking gas when turning
> right.  Unfortunately, I replaced this part about a month ago (4 tanks
> of gas or so ago), but the problem still seems to be occurring.  If the
> problem were fuel contamination, would I need to drain the tank or would
> the problem generally clear up over time as the water-contaminated fuel
> gets used?

4 tanks should pretty much clear your tank of water, but if there is rust in the 
tank or FI parts this will persist for a long time. You may need to 
replace/clean the filter(s). Pull out the gas gauge sender and look down there 
with a flashlight. How clean does it look?

Please edit unnecessary quoted material from your posts. All of us should 
do this. If you have just left the previous post at the bottom of your message, 
then it is likely that it should just be trimmed off. If you don't need to refer to 
it in your message, then neither do I.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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