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Re: [T3] UPDATE: Smoke, Loss of Power...

<x-flowed>>reappeared. This time, however, after shutting off the engine, I was
not able to restart it immediately.  I noticed that there was white
smoke AND gas (or some sort of fluid) coming out of the tailpipe as if
the engine was completely flooded.

And did you verify that the fluid was indeed gasoline? Things would have smelled real rich if it were unburned fuel.

After waiting for ten minutes or so, zippy was able start up again
without problem, but zippy was unable to start immediately after the

Could be flooding and running very rich. Do you have a cold start injector? Is it leaking? Opening when it shouldn't be? Have you checked any of your injectors for leaks? What's your fuel pressure?

I did notice that the
generator reads 12.65 volts at 1000 rpm idle, but gets as high as 14.1V.

This is how it should work. And you have just eliminated a bad voltage regulator as a cause for running rich.

Jim had mentioned the fuel overflow hose and water contamination as a
possibility as well.  Mine was broken and leaking gas when turning
right.  Unfortunately, I replaced this part about a month ago (4 tanks

Shine a light in your fuel tank through the sender hole. Is it nice and clean, with the sock filter clearly visible?

-Mark Fuhriman

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