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[T3] Vapor Lock?

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Sorrry for the long quotes: I just think they're needed for clarity.

>> I get the first 2 clicks when I turn the key on. One click and the
>> next 1.5 secs later. Turn the key, and then I'll get a tiny amount
>> kickover (that 'little fire or 2" as Keith put it, but the engine
>> stalls. On a second try, nothing. This is the usual thing.
> THIS is a starter/battery problem. It might well stop even the best
> condition engine.

Maybe I wasn't clear. The starter ALWAYS turns over, its just that there's
no firing of the gas. I'm very familiar with what it sounds like when the
starter sticks when hot (happened to me a couple times on my trip last
summer. And my electrical is all working fine according to the FAQ Jim

> How does it measure cold? This sounds too low even for hot. Have
> you tried changing to the other one I sent you?

I'll measure the head temp sensor cold today. And If I'm lucky I'll check
out the trigger contacts.
If my head temp sensor doesn't give the right reading I'm definitely
switching it out today. If it does, then I'll send you back your wrench this
week Jim. 
Please clarify what you mean when you say to use a clip lead wire across the
fuel pump relay. Why does the wire need to be 2 feet?

> It's possible that there is a problem with the sensor; I can never
> remember which one has which resistance, but others here seem
> to think that this is the one which should have a couple thousand
> Ohms resistance. (Measured by disconnecting the sensor from the
> harness and measuring from sensor lead to ground.)

Temp sensor I (the head temp sensor) is supposed to read 2500 ohms cold,
temp sensor 2  in intake air distrib. is 300 ohms cold. Cold is 68° F.

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