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Re: [T3] Ball joints

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Mike, Your welcome to come up for the weekend sometime, I have a garage,
salamander, and hot wrench at your disposal... and once it warms up in there
you might even have me  :)


Keith Park

Top Notch Restorations
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65 Notchback (still suckin its gas!)
65 Squareback
75 Opel
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Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2002 12:18 AM
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> On 26 Jan 2002, at 20:41, Mike Wodkowski wrote:
> > The RH ball joint boot is totally shot. Split on the wheel side, not
even on
> > right. I'm sure it's been a trap for dirt and water for a while. The LH
> > is good, but going.
> > So did I hear wrong that these boots are NLA? This is bad.
> > What do I do?
> As far as I know, the only way to get a boot is to buy a ball joint. See
> FLAPS and see if they can get them. Shop around, prices vary widely.
> > Whatever I do, I'm going to have to check the endplay. The Bentley says
> > need some sort of clamping device for removing the steering knuckle.
> > any old bar clamp do the trick?
> I use a set of the clamps made to work on a piece of 3/4" pipe, 18" long,
> most often used for woodworking. I have special jaws made for them, but
> might be able to get by.
> > Can I look forward to wrestling with removing the brake disc and splash
> > shield? What do I use to press the tie rod end out of the steering arm?
> Yes, this is a LOT of work, and a number of things that can go wrong. I'd
> really like to hear that you had Keith nearby to help. I have a tie rod
> sold by JC Whitney for about $15, 25 years ago.
> > PS: While I was under there, I noticed that the seal running from the
> > neck to the front truck is shot too. Anyone have one?
> The big rubber seal the fits AROUND the neck where it goes into the trunk?
> I've never seen one go bad. I should have one somewhere, but I find this
> strange. What's wrong with it?
> If you mean the overflow hose, I have those.
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