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Re: [T3] How strong is the 003 automatic?

<x-charset iso-8859-1>On Friday 25 January 2002 17:28, Charles Navarro wrote:
> I have been looking around and talking to different people, and I seem
> to be getting lots of crossed stories. Some people say that it is
> really, really strong and just when I think that I will be ok pairing it
> up with a 914 2.0, then I hear the opposite- that the clutch bands are
> really weak. So what's the scoop? Who here has paired a larger motor
> with the automatic? Also, has anyone ever heard of a taller final drive
> on the 003 than what the automatic type 3's had? Are there any things
> that people have done to mod the tranny? I know that it has been asked
> before where I could go around to get the tranny rebuilt, but I cant
> find the email? I have contacted rancho, aatransaxle, and some place in
> las vegas that claimed to know how to rebuild these-although when I
> asked they had no clue what I was talking about. Whatever help you can
> give, I would greatly appreciate it!
I have rebuilt quite a few 003 transmissions over the past 35 years. They are 
a very strong transmission, and cheaper to rebuild than some modern computer 
controlled trannies. The guts are basically still used in the current VW/Audi 
As for a shop to rebuild one, IIRC you are in Illinois. There is a shop here 
in central Iowa, that has been rebuilding them for over 30 years. It is 
Mitchell Transmission
1440 Locust St.
Des Moines, Ia
Ask for Jim Parker. He is their VW specialist.
Let him know what you are doing with it, and I am pretty sure he can beef it 
up for you.

Russ Wolfe
'71 Fastback AT
'66 Fastback MT (IT DRIVES)

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