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Re: [T3] AT questions...suggestions

On 22 Jan 2002, at 17:48, Daniel Baum wrote:

> During this process the cable got out of adjustment. We messed with it -
> following Bentley's instructions - but the best we could do was get it
> offset by one gear. In other words when the lever is on 3 the car is in
> neutral etc.

I've never had any trouble with the Bentley instructions. This should be 

> We didn't replace the entire shifter assembly, but just the rod itself. I
> originally wanted to replace the whole thing but frankly couldn't work out
> how to remove it from the cable. So we disassembled the shifter assembly, and
> transferred parts from the new one to the old one. 

What do you mean by "rod?" The shift lever?  

I find myself wondering if you have a problem like Gregs, where there the 
arm, that is welded to the shaft that goes into the AT to select the 
gear,actually has a broken weld. This makes the shifting unpredictable, and 
dependent on the direction you come into a give gear from.  

> One more thing. To put the old one into park, you had to lift the lever, but
> with the new one you don't. I can't see any difference between them. How
> does this work? 

I have actually never looked at this closely, since I've never seen one that 
didn't work. Is it possible that you didn't get everything reassembled 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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