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Re: [T3] is it worth another try

On 2 Jan 2002, at 20:55, Joe Evans wrote:

> I bought a '71 fasty last Feb and with your help I removed the FI and
> went with a carburetor. I then worked out a few bugs (excuse the pun)
> and it ran nicely. After a month or two of driving the cooling fan
> became really noisy. It rattled badly so I got a used one and replaced
> it.

>From your description, it's really hard to tell what the problem really 
was. All the oil return grooves in all the fans I have ever seen were 
about the same depth, but they all get clogged by oil and dirt and I 
clean them out with a wire brush the same way you did.

> To make a long story end the car died again
> now I cannot turn the crankshaft with a wrench. I have a funny feeling
> that I burned a main bearing. Now I need to decide if I want to tear
> the whole thing apart or just cut my losses.

Again without being there it's impossible to guess what went wrong 
here. My guess is that the problem was never the fan itself. More 
likely there is something wrong with the cooling system. Perhaps 
the flaps are stuck closed, or you don't have a good cooling air 
intake bellows in there, or the carbs are too lean. Any of these 
things, and lots more can cause your engine to self destruct.


If it's just too much trouble for you, you should at least advertize it 
for sale here. Someone may be able to rescue it.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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