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Re: [T3] engine noise still a mystery

On 22 Dec 2002 at 10:01, Garret Trask wrote:

> The fan appears to be un-damaged.  The bolt was in bad shape, so I bought a 
> new one from the hardware store, and put it in with some lock-tite.

I would get a 6mm tap and tap that hole, as well as the other one, as deep as 
you can. Grind down the end of the tap so you can really tap it all the way to 
the bottom. Then buy a bolt that will reach to the bottom of the tapped hole 
(you can adjust the reach by adding a couple of flat washers under the head, if 
necessary.) Use Loctite as well as a lock washer.

> There is one other thing that needs fixing while I'm in here.  There is a 
> bolt that goes through the fan housing.  It secures a little clip on the 
> front of the fan housing.  The rod that connects the airflaps on either side 
> of the fan housing runs through this clip.

I looked at an engine and I can see that the bolt head is on the outside. The 
parts list shows bolt and washer on the inside and a nut inside. For some 
reason I don't have a spare fan housing downstairs so I can't see what that nut 
looks like. It may be a half thickness (jam) nut like Russ says. The VW part # 
is N 111 061.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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