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Re: [T3] I think I found the problem, sort of

> I don't like to dispute with someone who's had VWs since I was a baby, but
> this is a page from the 1969 Type 34 user manual:

I don't think we're in dispute.  I was speaking for those with Type 31 and 36,
and specifically the models I have seen in the UK.  I make no apologies for not
covering Type 34, as they are not covered specifically in my Type 3 factory
stuff, and so many things are odd about them only an owner would have much idea
of how they differ.

However, I suspect there is a good reason for them having those connectors or
the Type 3 (31/36) Parts book wouldn't list two sorts, one for most models and
the others for the M236 (FI) option.  I don't think the extra suppression on the
right-angle connectors is needed (apart from the special French market), just
the short height.

How much clearance is there to the engine cover in the Type 34?  It's a totally
different body shell so maybe there wasn't quite as much clearance available as
there was in the Type 31/36 body shell, which meant they had to use the
right-angle connectors even with the twin carb engines.  Perhaps it was even the
reason for axeing the Type 34 - not compatible with FI.  Now there's a thought!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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