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Re: [T3] gen/VR trouble

Get everything working.  Drive to work...
> still getting good voltage!  Come home, everything is great.  Go out 10
> minutes later and start the car, then, the voltage gauge starts to drop,
> and drop and drop.  Down to 8v again, then lower...

You can have voltage without much current.  I assume the battery was tested
under a decent load.

I would guess you may have a bad connection that may involve dissimilar metals.
I once fitted an aluminium battery clamp, and over a week it corroded between
the wire and the clamp until one morning it simply wouldn't supply any voltage,
though the battery was fine.

Same sort of thing happened with copper grease on the battery terminals of the
Jetta - a few days after 'maintaining' it, it wouldn't turn the engine over.  I
tightened the battery clamp and it was OK for a week or two more, then wouldn't
turn the engine over again.   I cleaned the grease off, and no further problem,
for the past 2 years anyway.

Is the voltage being checked at the battery terminals or the wiring?

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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