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Re: [T3] gen/VR trouble

> okay....NOW I AM JUST PISSED!  Get everything working.  Drive to work... 
> still getting good voltage!  Come home, everything is great.  Go out 10 
> minutes later and start the car, then, the voltage gauge starts to drop, 
> and drop and drop.  Down to 8v again, then lower...  Shut off the car, 
> recharge the battery, recheck all the wire connections.  Start the car 
> and back to loosing voltage in a hurry.  Have the battery tested, it is 
> fine.  Go through the whole process again.  Start the car, good voltage! 
>  whahoooo!!!!!  let the car idle for a while... seems good.  Go to move 
> the car  and let it idle some more, after 20 minutes of what seems like 
> perfection, it happens again.  GRRRRRRRRRRR  

Ouch. I remember I was experiencing 'black-outs' in my Chevy (I know, I know), not fun, 
especially on the freeway! I finally unhooked the 12+ leads off of everything (including 
every last light, lamp, etc) and then tested for continuity from the 12+ circuit (at the 
battery lead (unhooked)) to ground. By placing a single fuse at a time in the box I 
figured I could isolate the sub-circuit and find the %$#@! short, didn't take long to 
realize I was getting continuity all the time, and looked up stream of the fuse box..  My 
prob was arcing in the connection through the firewall, which is why I wasn't blowing 
fuses (but *was* flirting with a serious burnout)

The entire process was a PIA, but it revealed the problem. I wonder if your gen prob is 
just a side effect of a greater issue? My thoughts are finicky gen, shorting 12+ or bad 
grounds..  pretty vague, I know.

Offer still stands.

Hope that helps, good luck,


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