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Re: [T3] [VB] sandblaster recommendation

> I picked up an El Cheapo Chicago Pneumatics unit at an Auto zone store.
> The $19.00 gun and pickup work ok with the exception that I get moisture
> from humidity in the air through my compressor.
> I use it on a 2.5 Hp Campbell Hausefeld compressor at 100 psi. (about a 6
> gallon tank)
> I installed an ARO dryer but I still get stopped up in the vacuum chamber
> on the gun about every ten minutes.

Almost no dryer will get rid of the amount of water an undersized
compressor working triple time will produce.  There is a reason large
capacity cast iron two stage compressors are used.  They have to run
less often and therefor run cooler, which means less condensation in the
compressed air.  Think CFM and not just PSI.  Most large volume blasters
use HVLP blasting to help keep the heat down on the work piece.

> Since I'm just blasting AC sheet metal I'm using dried out generic sand
> sifted through a screen wire frame.
> My needs for sandblasting don't justify either the couple of hundred
> investment or storage space in my garage.

I hope that your lungs justify the use of a NIOSH approved respirator
while you are using silica sand!  This is the stuff that will cause
cancer in your lungs, don't just trust a dust mask!  I even use a
resporator when I use my blast cabinet when using silica sand.

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