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Re: [T3] new door seals

What is the best way to keep my door seals in when I
go to install them?...non-harding gasket glue?...

I could be completely wrong, but this worked for me:  I used the same yellow
3M Weatherstrip adhesive these guys told you about.  I did follow the
directions but I only used it on key areas that needed holding down
(corners, open spots, etc.)  I got the same repro looking (basically just
acceptable) seals you mention, but the good news is with some fiddling they
keep the cold and wet out!  I first went completely around the doors and
slipped the seal under the metal retainer, I didn't glue down the seal where
the retainer is.  They have been like this for a few months with no
problems.  I found after putting them all on and shutting the doors there
were a few areas with minor gaps between the seal and car, in those areas I
simply pulled the seal a little further out of the retaining channel to mate
it up to the pillar surface.

"just got a set from 'bugcity' they are obvious repo's,
and don't have the 'hinge surround'...but hopefully I
wont be able to see outside with the doors"

On this note, again my solution may not be "conventional" but works.  The
rubber around my hinges is old and tattered but still intact, so I cut away
the old seal above and below this spot and left it attached to the car, I
had to trim my new repro seals at the point where they mated to the hinge
seal.  It's not necessarily pretty but it works well, I could take a picture
for you if you like.

Good Luck and happy sealing ;)
'66 Fastback

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