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Re: [T3] [VB] sandblaster recommendation

I have the $99 Harbor Fright [sic] unit, which sucked until I upgraded
it with professional-grade hose, fittings and nozzle from the local 
sandblasting supply house.
-------------------------- Clip ----------------------
I picked up an El Cheapo Chicago Pneumatics unit at an Auto zone store.
The $19.00 gun and pickup work ok with the exception that I get moisture
from humidity in the air through my compressor.
I use it on a 2.5 Hp Campbell Hausefeld compressor at 100 psi. (about a 6
gallon tank)
I installed an ARO dryer but I still get stopped up in the vacuum chamber
on the gun about every ten minutes.
Since I'm just blasting AC sheet metal I'm using dried out generic sand
sifted through a screen wire frame.
My needs for sandblasting don't justify either the couple of hundred
investment or storage space in my garage.
I blasted some carbon from piston tops and cylinder heads with standard
table salt the other day and it worked just fine.
I'd like to find media that would give me a nice soft sheen on cylinder
heads and pistons. 

Stan Wilder

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