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Re: [T3] new door seals

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
"I apply it to the proper area in the door and then slide  the weatherstrip in while the adhesive is still wet. The first time you do this you should probably 
do a test fit on the door without adhesive just to make sure you know how far it actually fits in there. Note that there is a kind of groove that you really have to work the gasket down in to.  If you slip the weatherstrip in with the adhesive wet you can slide things 
around a bit and make sure everything is positioned properly before you leave it alone. I prefer to leave the door open then for a couple of hours while the glue drys."

I agree with this.  This is the way I have done it.  I have tried to do it the other way.  If it is wrong the seal WILL rip when moved.  My T3 was a PITA so once it was in forget it!  The only thing I wanted to add is:  I found out the hard way to use a little not a lot.  It does not take much and it will run or squirt out.  My luck, after I am done and gone to bed, so I can find it later.  Then what a mess! 8-O
Mike in Tucson  

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