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Re: [T3] Fuel pump refurbishment

On 18 Dec 2002 at 13:10, Earthman? wrote:

> > If it doesn't run, then sometimes they can be made to run if you tap the side 
> > of the motor repeatedly while it is powered up. This may eventually work around 
> > the dirt & corrosion that has collected under the brushes. Do this with fluid 
> > in the pump.
> Will the dirt & corrosion be spat out in this circumstance? Safe to say I should pump 
> from/to a jug of gas with a filter before the pump inlet in order to avoid recycling the 
> debris right back into the pump? 

It's usually not enough to worry about, and if you do this with the pump 
energized then that sfuff will just get recycled back to the gas tank and thru 
the filter again. I've never seen it be a problem.

> > If it runs but doesn't build pressure, sometimes the overpressure valve is 
> > stuck open. I have been known to just seal off that third outlet to get around 
> > that problem.
> Hmmm, something to consider.. will this mess with the pressure in the lines? By that I 
> mean, will the pressure regulator still do it's job well?

I've seen cases where I couldn't develop any pressure in the lines until I 
pinched off that overflow line. Once the overflow was closed the pump brought 
the pressure up to where the regulator could regulate it.
> Maybe raising the pressure to the injectors would be a cheap performance mod?  (kidding..)

One of our conversations here a few years ago taught me that this is 
occasionally a good idea, only a couple of psi, though, and only when you 
understand why it is okay in this particular case.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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