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Re: [T3] I think I found the problem, sort of

> >WD-40 is very explosive(will burn), do not 
> >spray under the distrubtor cap or close to 
> >ir while running. Phil

Plus, I think WD40 will leave a slight film, which after time (especially in the presence 
of high voltages) *may* gather a layer of 'dust' that *may* conduct electricity, creating 
cross firing, etc..  Example, the dirty mechanics trick of drawing a line with a graphite 
pencil between distributer cap contacts, after awhile it conducts spark, car runs like %
$#@! = time for another tune up! = $$$

The only thing I would ever 'spray' into a distributer cap is a high quality electronic 
contact cleaner, it leaves no film...  a good <99% rubbing alcohol will also clean up 
moisture, but there you're inside massaging things, best only if you've removed it 
completely. Granted, I'm overly concerned about electricity (read as: "Overkill!"), it's 
my other hobby. BTW, never spray or pour that stuff anywhere near the other parts of your 
distributer, it dissolves grease (for us old school points type ign.)  I find that for 
the money & time, it's easier to simply replace questionable ignition parts with quality 

> I've seen the mechanic spray something in there, but I don't know what it
> was.

Sprayed into distributer?

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