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Re: [T3] When Darksides Collide


I use an FM transmitter that was made for the purpose  of playing from
personal CD  and cassette 
players and can be used to play music from IPOD's and pocket PC's . I bought
this at E-bay for 15 bucks.
I am using mine to play MP3's from my new IPAQ pocket PC . My removeable
postage stamp size
secure digital card can keep up to 40 tunes, I have several cards. I can
listen to music with my 
headphones then plug it into my little transmitter in the car and play the

That is how I do it in my Squareback. The FM transmitter is a little noisy
for my taste so I have just 
purchased but not received the adapeter you are probably talking about , it
is called a FM modulator
for car radios this unit hooks one side to the car's antenna and the other
to the car radio's antenna input.
The FM modulator unit is always off until you connect the audio input such
as your dream IPOD, then 
dial in the preselected channel on your radio. I bought this for 23 bucks
from EBAY . Should have no
hisss at all, this time.

This is how all of you guys can cybernerd up your car while using the
original FM Sapphire Type 3
Radio and heck , maybe you can get a cheap amp from  EBAY or bum one off a
friend and get 
a pair of boom boxes and your set. I am doing this.  You can use your
cassette players and CD
players on your original car radio. Did Type 3's ever had FM stereo ?

I am planning on getting a GPS attachment with maps , Cell phone converter,
TV converter for the 
IPAQ and install a PDA mount in the car. Yeah there are plans to cybernerd
the car a little 




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