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Re: [T3] car won't start

On 17 Dec 2002 at 10:40, Fiesta Cranberry wrote:

> The B. ('71 FI SB) wouldn't start this morning (ran great yesterday).
> When I turn the key, the battery comes on, but the enging doesn't
> catch. The generator light stays on as long as I turn the key, oil
> light goes off.  I had a friend turn the key for me while I looked at
> the engine, and the generator was turning, but I heard a funny, rapid,
> tiktiktiktiktik sound coming from it.  The belt looks fine, not loose.
> About a month ago Derrick told me the brushes were worn and needed
> replacing.  Could that be it?  Oil level is OK and tank is full.  What
> do you think? 

Try this: Get in the car and close the door. Listen while you turn the key ON. 
You should hear a click as the key goes ON and another about 1 second later.

If you hear both of these clicks your FI system is probably working.

If you have someone to help you, then, with the key ON, they should listen near 
the RF tire. Between these 2 clicks they should hear a buzz from the electric 
fuel pump indicating that it is running. Then have them go to the back and 
listen to the engine while you press the throttle slowly down. They should hear 
a series of clicks as the throttle goes slowly down but nothing as you let the 
throttle back up.

If you hear all of these things then your FI system is almost certainly 

It is quite possible that the problem is lack of spark. Take a paper towel or 
Kleenex and wipe out the inside of the dist cap. Be careful not to break off 
the center contact, which is fragile. You could wipe off the outside, too, as 
well as the nose of the spark coil.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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