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Re: [T3] paypalwarning.com

In a message dated 12/17/02 12:56:53 PM Central Standard Time, 
dbolen@shockwaverider.com writes:

<< Subj:     Re: [T3] paypalwarning.com
 Date:  12/17/02 12:56:53 PM Central Standard Time
 From:  dbolen@shockwaverider.com (Dave C. Bolen)
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 I've pretty much quit responding to your posts, but read them 
 sometimes anyway.
 You need to back up on this one though and think about it.
 How many customers do you think paypal has?
 20,000,  30,000, 500,000 ?????
 Let's see...120 problems out of 500,000???
 The scam is not paypal's fault, but stupid users fault.
 If you read it on the internet though, it must be true, right????
 Do you *really* think that all of the lawyers and finance people that work
 for e-bay would have bought them if they didn't do a *lot* of 
 due-diligence in finding out about their business???
 No, they bought them because they were doing a *lot* of business
 off of the e-bay auction money movement and e-bay didn't have a clue
 how to beat them at their own game.  
 Think about it....
 Cheers, dave
And, what do you think about Paypal's and Ebay's lawyers letting this kind of 
go on, if it weren't true? I mean about Paupalwarning.com? Have you ever 
looked at
Paypalwarning's web site? Look's pretty convincing to me .....

The other day. I started out trying to open a Paypal account. Their 32 pages 
of rules and 8 pages of policies, turned me off. There was a mysterious 
something about Paypal. I'm not saying don't get involved with Paypal. I'm 
just pointing out the pitfalls and how you can lose money with Paypal. For 
me, if a man won' t accept a money order, he can keep his products. That's 
the sanitary way of buying/selling parts, which is all that I do.

Don Garies

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