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Re: [T3] paypalwarning.com


I've pretty much quit responding to your posts, but read them 
sometimes anyway.

You need to back up on this one though and think about it.

How many customers do you think paypal has?

20,000,  30,000, 500,000 ?????

Let's see...120 problems out of 500,000???

The scam is not paypal's fault, but stupid users fault.

If you read it on the internet though, it must be true, right????

Do you *really* think that all of the lawyers and finance people that work
for e-bay would have bought them if they didn't do a *lot* of 
due-diligence in finding out about their business???

No, they bought them because they were doing a *lot* of business
off of the e-bay auction money movement and e-bay didn't have a clue
how to beat them at their own game.  

Think about it....

Cheers, dave

"I'm more interested in getting it right, than being right"....dave

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 DGaries808@aol.com wrote:

> I just got wind of some horrors of opening a "Paypal" account at the e-mail 
> address 
> above. The guy who runs paypalwarning.com, didn't have a whole lot of nice 
> things to
> say about Paypal. Sounds like a bit of sour grapes to me, although I have to 
> wonder
> about Paypal, too.
> There's one about a Paypal scam wherein the message asks you for a password. 
> If you give them a password, you are opening pandora's box for 
> trouble.trouble.trouble.
> The message is not from Paypal but a thief trying to steal passwords so as to 
> empty
> Paypal accounts.
> There are about 120 cases where people have got screwed to the wall by Paypal 
> ...freezing their accounts for seemingly no particular reason  ... outright 
> stealing from
> the accounts, and having no recourse because a user can never sue Paypal, 
> etc., etc. etc..  It's enough documentation that it prohibits my establishing 
> a Paypal account and using money orders instead.
> WOW.!  Ebay sure bought a questionable product in Paypal ...
> Don Garies
> dgaries808@aol.com
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