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Re: [T3] Head question and answer

I'm confused here. These heads come in an EFI version with the threaded
hole, but the hole is too big for our 
sensor? Or is the boss cast in and left blank, so that you can drill and tap
it yourself? What's the price 
on a regular head? How about an EFI head? (with valves, etc and bare?) Or is
there a web site that 
covers all this?
    Jim Adney  


The cost is the same for the EFI or carb head , it seems that the carb head
larger valves than the EFI head. My EFI head has tiny exhaust valves with
(thick) valve stems. both have the EFI bosses casted in them but the EFI one
the boss threaded way too big for the sensor that the type 3 uses. The new
type one 
engine manufactured in Mexico uses an advance type of EFI that uses a bigger

head temp sensor. Best to buy the carb type head and tap the boss for your 
sensor requirement. Both castings are the same.

The Bug patch sells the head for 110.00 dollars . It seems that the middle
for these guys work larger valves into these heads and the work is of good
The owner of this establishment takes pride on what he sells and works on.
His site is below with prices and all. Make sure you are getting a Genuine
Mexican head because he also sells Autolinea/CB from Brazil . I have been to
his shop 
and he is good people, give him a call with requests. Like I said the new
heads this gentleman sells have been enhanced with larger valves as it would
I did not buy these because I wanted to see what was actually factory for my

version of durability. Real professional Baja racers swear to the
reliability and quality of 
these Mexican heads. This place is local to me .


I bought my head for 150 dollars from the VW dealership in Mexico, it cost
this much 
because it was a dearship. Beetlemex sells the same unmodified factory VW
head for 
100 dollars but it is a Bare head with no valves/springs and keepers. The
gentleman that 
I spoke to can sell the correct original hardware for the head but did not
specify the 
price because no one has ever asked for the original hardware, customers
use the 
bare head as a blank slate to machine in bigger valves and stronger springs

The reason I believe the factory stock setup is better for me or people who
are similarly
destructive is because the smaller valves and seats gather and lose heat
faster , especially
at the exhaust valve area, it is harder to cool off a bigger block of metal
than the smaller 
block of metal, same goes with the valves, the head looks and weighs the
same as 
the stock heads you are familiar with but careful inspection, will show that
these are different 
castings, engineers at VW changed that for a reason.

To some of you, the tiny valves look like they belong on a lawn mower. The
space between 
both valves and the space between the plug hole and seats is relatively huge
(1/2 to 1 inch) compared
to performance heads or even stock German ones, this seems to have been done
to prevent 
cracking under high temperatures and load , remember these go on cars in
Mexico City
(above 10,000 feet elev.) many hills and big families. The bugs are also
used for delivery 
companies, taxis, police cars, security etc... if you ever seen a picture or
a video of 
Mexico city , you will notice that at least 15 to 20 percent in the picture
are VW Bugs.
The cars are also used in areas where I used to live, the temps routinely
got to 
120 degrees while my buddies and I where either packed in a Bug or a
Brazilia on our 
way to the beach. My buddies never had a problem with their cars, my jeep
always broke down in 
that hot weather but their cars always kept going. This may be due to the
head design.
On the outside, the casting shows smaller breathing runnners but big holes
fresh fan air to flow through and cool the exhaust area. the smaller runner
breathing may have 
been compensated by eliminating the casted in valve guide bosses and
shortening the stock 
valve guide.

All out drag racers or big breathing type performance folks may not like the
(limited) runner design but others may prefer durability with good
performance. Most 
performance heads have traded  long life reliability for speed/power  . The
head I have 
runs way below standard operating temperatures that Baja bug guys told me it
should be in 
during desert offroad driving. runs about  75 degrees below their operating
temps of 350 degrees.
Big bore engines may benefit with these better cooling heads.

Check Beetlemex out, they have lots of good stuff for bugs that can be used
our cars for example , cases , longblocks , seatbelts all made by VW of


Beetlemex, Inc., (DBA Btlmex, Inc.), 
441 N. Grand Ave. Suite 7-350, 
Nogales, Arizona 85621 
Toll Free Tel. (888) 384-2814 
Fax and Voicemail: (309) 216-4650 
Offices in Mexico: 011-52-(662) 210-7878 
E-Mail: Sales@btlmex.com <mailto:sales@btlmex.com>


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