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Re: [T3] engine mount

On 17 Dec 2002 at 6:36, Vlach, Joe -CKHS wrote:

> Wrong pressure plate; what's the correct one for a 68? 

The pressure plate changed in 71. The late one doesn't have a center ring for 
the TO bearing while the early one does. You need the right one to go with the 
transmission you have; your 68 transmission requires the early PP with the 
release ring.

> So, when we replaced the clutch cable we wouldn't have known if the steel
> guide tube was broken?

Right, it's just that the tube might not be securely fastened to the tunnel any 
more. If it's loose, then it will move when there is tension on the cable.

> What is the pedal shaft Jim?

The shaft that the clutch pedal rotates on. If the pedal isn't secure on the 
left end, or if the cable hook is loose on the right end then the cable 
adjustment might seem to be changing as these parts slipped.

The last problem is rare, and the 2nd problem only somewhat less so, but either 
might be more likely to come up if a "high performance" PP had been installed; 
these put a lot more stress on all the other parts in the chain.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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