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Re: [T3] Head question and answer

On 16 Dec 2002 at 21:20, Martinez, Leon wrote:

> The Mexican head has better cooling than the original German heads,
> the head even has longer reach 3/4 plug holes (you must use longer
> thread plugs). This head runs about 100 degrees cooler than the German
> heads 275 F normal running temperature VS 375 F on this left head bank
> (#3 and #4), this is on a warm day going 65 MPH to 75 MPH on flat HWY. 

I've always felt that using the short SPs here made this a weak point in the 
head. Indeed, the dual port heads tend to develop cracks between the valve 
seats and the SP threads, as well as between the 2 valve seats.

> These come in EFI versions that need a mod to install the T-3 sensor
> (has much bigger threaded hole) or in carb versions that you need to
> tap a proper hole for the EFI sensor. Good heads with VW casted on
> them and they come on the New Old 2002 Bug 

I'm confused here. These heads come in an EFI version with the threaded hole, 
but the hole is too big for our sensor? Or is the boss cast in and left blank, 
so that you can drill and tap it yourself?

What's the price on a regular head? How about an EFI head? (with valves, etc 
and bare?) Or is there a web site that covers all this?

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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