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Re: [T3] Full set of door rubber/ISP

Wilson wrote:
>You know, I don't like to slam people but I would have to agree that ISP
>might not be the best place to deal with. 

 Well I 've gotten a few things from them, I love that Stainless steel 
molding kit I got, man that is beautiful.  The big thing is you need to pay 
attention to what you're buying. They have a lot of good stuff that you can't 
find anywhere else, and they are one of the few companies that are selling 
parts for our cars, and we need more of them  too. I mean Cal Imports used to 
have a lot of stuff for our cars, but now they're cutting back on whats 
available, same with RMMW, we need these few companies around. Now I don't 
agree with some of their prices (like 1000 buy it now for early bumpers with 
over riders) but if you need something and you've already called around and 
nobody has it, what are you going to do?  Now I'm in no way  affiliated with 
them, but having delt with other companies, they are not too bad. I mean I've 
had parts shipped to my dad instead of me by Cal Imports, RMMW, and ISP west, 
just to name a few. But they've all made good on their problems. I'll get off 
my soap box now, thank you.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

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