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Re: [T3] Stuff going on with my car lately (full reverse)

>   like a bat out of hell, so I floored my gas pedal and threw the
> in reverse, boy did 
>   that stop the car quick, learned that trick while driving in slick

Leon, or anyone else,

	Can you describe what happens when you do this?  How does it all



Done this before on big pickups that refused to stop going 
down hill on slimy mud . Done this once slowly on my squareback 
before my hilly clay road was paved. 

Throwing the auto tranny in reverse at high gear while going 
foreward will lock the rear wheels and may make the engine stop 
thus removing the effectiveness of stopping power. So if engine is 
screamed in 1st
while contemplating death of car and self behind a dump truck that 
is at full stop, tranny survival is not a worry, so screaming engine 
in first gear creates lots of torque at the torque converter, not 
to mention all that Horse power, then throwing it in reverse will cause 
the rear tires to go to a full stop or scream in reverse. 

it it reverse like this caused a big caboommm ! noise back there
and a lot of smoke, I felt I had retro rockets at full reverse (neg
tires screamed backward and then stopped and the engine threatened 
to turn off because it wanted to turn the other way.

Scarry and not recommendable for normal driving . I still may 
use reverse going slowly down muddy roads that cannot be tamed 
by brakes but this is used with slow oscillating motion of the pedal.

Hopefully I will never use it like this again, hope the tranny stays 


off because    

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