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[T3] Head question and answer

 How many miles do you have on those heads now? I'm trying to 
decide which ones to get, but I was waiting for your progress report 
on when they failed. Apparently they haven't yet so the jury is still out. 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

The heads from MOFOCO were casted well but had too many fins 
blocked cooling to the exhaust valves, the one on cylinder #3 and
#4 failed because the valve seats fell out for reasons of bad 
machining I let them know about that, right after I purchased 
them, especially the one that failed , I let you guys know 
about that. I returned that head before installation but they 
informed me that the machining was correct and to the specification.
They returned that head back to me I installed it and let you guys 
know how sweet it was until two valve seats on cylinder # 3 dropped 
out and kept the valves open, as you can deduce , the engine ran like 
crap and that was in June. That head lasted around 20,000 of miles
of driving til the valves stuck open because of the popped out

The heads actually ran cooler than the stock ones, about 25 degrees 
cooler, this was probably due to the fact that it has many
extra fins .

I replaced that one head, left bank head, with a Mexican head 
(The Bug Patch sells these, look at their site using a search engine,
about 110 bucks, the owner/machinist was featured in Hot VW's ).
I have reported this on the list. The Mexican head has better cooling 
than the original German heads, the head even has longer reach 
3/4 plug holes (you must use longer thread plugs). This head
runs about 100 degrees cooler than the German heads 275 F normal
running temperature VS 375 F on this left head bank (#3 and #4),
this is on a warm day going 65 MPH to 75 MPH on flat HWY.
Lots of Dunebuggy, sandrail folks, Baja bug guys, racers in 
San Diego and Baja California in Mexico only use and swear by 
these heads. The VW Thing club use these heads alot instead of the 
stock replacements from Brazil and old originals from Germany.

The durability of these heads is due to the fact that the airflow 
through the exhaust valve area has been enhanced, metal alloys
have been improved, valve guide/valve exhaust diameter has been 
increased, valve guides are cut down in the airflow area to improve 
breathing, the combustion chamber thickness increased with longer 
reach plug threads to prevent cracking. One interesting thing
about these heads is that the casting is very clean, no bubbles 
or extra babbit left to block air even better than Original German
or Autolinea/CB (Same company) , the latter I had great problems with
cracking more than old german ones. These come in EFI versions that 
need a mod to install the T-3 sensor (has much bigger threaded hole) 
or in carb versions that you need to tap a proper hole for the 
EFI sensor. Good heads with VW casted on them and they come on the 
New Old 2002 Bug . This head has 12,000 miles so far on the left bank 
with very good cooling and has never gotten beyond 350 F degrees 
(center temp for the Baja bug racers)



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