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Re: [T3] body work... now what?

Jacob and Bob wrote:
>>Also, where can I find those seals that go around
the intake air area
>hidden behind the rear fenders?
 >You can try ISP West as they seem to be offering
them, but they are a 
>pricey, maybe someone on the list (parting out a car)
can help you. An 
>alternative might be to visit a camping supply store
and see if they 
>something you can use to fake it with, as its only a
foam strip that 
>it. I hope this helps.

Actually there is only a small section of foam
involved under the rear fenders.  This is only where
the fender rests on the air intake, near the inner
body.  All around the rest is a rubber seal.  I still
have a link to JC whitney, (
) that was suggested to me, from this list.  This roll
is enough to complete around the air intake and the
bottom edges of the rear fender, and then some.  ISP
west will sell you enough to complete just the top
section for a little more then this whole roll cost's.

On installation it was suggested to me that the long
protruding lip be sticking out towards the fender for
the best seal.  

I have also heard it is helpful to use some type of
double sided tape (like the stuff you get in window
insulation kits, where is mostly just sticky stuff-
not any paper) when applying the fender beading.  As
the beading has a tendency to move during the fender

Por-15 is a hard rust barrier, and serious paint.  It
now comes in multiple colors.  

-John R
69 Fastback AT/FI
69 Fastback Man/ FI no motor, coming together slowly.
(welding is a perfect x-mas gift)

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