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[T3] Stuff going on woth my car lately

San Diego is not so sunny as yesterday it is expected to rain for real this
good thing I installed that rubber on the really crummy popout window .

- Yesterday I have changed the oil on my car after two months of driving ,
   it looked pretty clean , I guess the total seal rings are doing a good
job of
   keeping the blowby out of my oil . 

- My giant 1200cca battery from Sears finally died into a dead short, I did
not heed
  the suggetions given by you guys on this. The battery would be totally
dead after 3 days parked
  but would charge up daily when I drove regularly as always, dead battery
was always noted
  when I job traveled for a couple of days. 45-50 amps of current draw on my
current test gauge
  should have been a symptom but I blamed it on a cold solder in my
generator . Cold solder 
  was caused by the giant load on my generator , solder would melt then
harden back again
  brushes would go down in a couple of weeks. I replaced the battery and the
car charges 
  correctly , problem not noted until I stopped the car for a few days. I
tested the battery by storing 
  it fully charged for a couple of days, it died countinuously .

- I had an incident a few weeks ago when my brakes failed to nothing , pedal
all of the way down 
  75 miles an hour  in heavy traffic in the Tijuana expressway. All traffic
was stopped in front of me 
  and I was hauling ass. Hand brake was activated and caused the car to slow
down but not
  enough , so I threw the autotranny in 1st gear slowed it more, but not
sufficient, still moving
  like a bat out of hell, so I floored my gas pedal and threw the autotranny
in reverse, boy did 
  that stop the car quick, learned that trick while driving in slick mud
down hill. Lots of cars seemed to crash 
  behind me , I left the scene unscathed. No one seemed hurt except for all
of the cars.
  The tranny seemed to have held up well, hopefully no
  damage to the tranny bands and disks, so far still factory smooth , never
rebuilt, need to change 
  the fluid in January. Must change the fluid every 6 months of regular
driving to keep the tranny healthy,
  dirty fluid will shorten tranny life , take note ! Bad Master brake
cylinder, corrected.

- I have replaced my all of sudden clogged fuel filter with a filter from
the PEP Boys rack , it was from the 
  87 front wheel drive Chevy with EFI , Solid rolled steel filter with
nipple for hoses and it fit perfectly in my car
  and the filters relative size is giant in relation with the original
german filter. Good filter and probably 
  more efficient than our original EFI filter.

- I just replaced my front brake pads and I now get the shakes, I should
have had the rotors turned as 
  my brother mentioned, his Camery had the shakes after new pads , until he
turned the rotors.

- My 45,000 mile tires have had it, I have good shocks all around my car but
I am developing flat spots 
  on my tires due to lack of new tire balancing and rotation , heavy driving
will unbalance tires and cause them
   to lose balance, this inturn makes them bounce a little on the same tire
spot causing flat spots. New 
  tires to be installed this year, tires are only a year and a half old.
Rims need replacement, my tire guy said 
  all of my rims are not staight and will not roll even, too much offroading

- My engine seems more powerful than before and started to knock on 87
octane, I now use 89 octane
  gasoline. the pistons , cylinders and top rings are 70,000 miles old ,
still working very well, head temps
  are below 300 degrees during normal decent person driving. Only a 1600.

- I am getting back or even worse into my original sin of driving for some
reason , maybe it is the new discovery of 
  MP3's into my radio, I have never bought cassettes or CD's (I am cheap) ,
the Metalica I play is possessing me to
  drive in a roadwarrior like manner , Mad Max would be proud of me, I have
hit 90 MPH quite often know and 
  every now and then 95. Since last week I have hit 85 MPH in heavy traffic,
beating all of those Ricer boys to get
  ahead in a zigzag manner , must lay off the Metallica MP3 I started
playing last week or someone may report 
  me all over the asphalt in San Diego. It seems the darkside is calling me
for more engine power , 1600 cc seems
  not enough but sufficient for speed sin.....forgive me for I have sinned
today also.....

- At mom terror speeds 350 degree head temps still not obtained with Mexican
VW heads.





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