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Re: [T3] body work... now what?

 Jacob wrote:
>The fenders do not have undercoating on the insides (I had to have him fix
>some rust and such) so I was wondering what you guys recommend using for
>that, I think my uncle said he liked POR15 (or something like that).  Is
>that good stuff?  Better than the spray on stuff?

 Jacob, when it was at the body shop did they use a good primer like DP 
40/90? Did they paint the under side of them body color? If yes to both then 
you're probably ok to just leave them like this as they are sealed. However 
if not the I'd recommend using the POR15.  The reason I'm asking is because 
when my car was done it was painted inside and out on the outer panels 
because the car was being built as a daily driver meaning that it could be 
caught in rain or snow, and I wanted it sealed. It also helped that I was 
doing a color change, so most of it was going to get repainted anyway. I'd 
try to stay away from the spray on undercaoting as it has a tendency to dry 
out and flake off.

> Or will the "fender-beading-body" mate do the trick?

 Well thats all VW did when they built it the first time, so I guess it would 
be ok this time too.

>Also, where can I find those seals that go around the intake air area
hidden behind the rear fenders?
 You can try ISP West as they seem to be offering them, but they are a little 
pricey, maybe someone on the list (parting out a car) can help you. An 
alternative might be to visit a camping suppy store and see if they have 
something you can use to fake it with, as its only a foam strip that seals 
it. I hope this helps.

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof
       69 Square AT-the baby suburban

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