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[T3] body work... now what?


I'm so excited, I just got back from school and now I can see the body
work I had done on my car.  It was finished up while I was away.  Anyways,
I'm anxious to get my baby on the road again (after tearing it apart to
take to the body work guy a semester ago).

The fenders do not have undercoating on the insides (I had to have him fix
some rust and such) so I was wondering what you guys recommend using for
that, I think my uncle said he liked POR15 (or something like that).  Is
that good stuff?  Better than the spray on stuff?  I realize I'll have to
be very careful putting it on, I'd hate to get undercoating on my new
paint job.

When I am finally ready to put on the fenders, should I use any sealant
between the metal and the fender beading?  Or will the
"fender-beading-body" mate do the trick?

Also, where can I find those seals that go around the intake air area
hidden behind the rear fenders?  When I removed the fenders, I could just
barely tell that there used to be a seal there.  I'd like to use new seals
if at all possible.

I'm sure I'll have more concerns as I keep working, but that's it for now.


Jacob Schroeder
Orange 72 Squareback

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