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Re: [T3] Technical Data {was Converting Single MC to Dual MC)

> A slug is the English standard unit of mass.

I had a high opinion of engineers until now!  Just because they can't come up
with a better unit for the lb force, they bastardise the lb mass.  ;-)
I used to use something called a poundal, didn't I?  That was 1lb force I think,
but it must have been while at school around 1960.

I don't think the 1961 Notchback report has the same info - they went for
different factors mainly, rather than repeat earlier very similar tests.  It has
various height above ground measurements (must have sent out a boy with
yardstick to get them I reckon - top and bottom of front and rear bumpers and
the over-riders (can't remember the USA term) to the ground; cerntre of rear
reflectors to ground.  There's stuff of use to determine how low the factory set
them (within any doubt of fuel tank load etc though, maybe).

There's also a graph to show how camber and toe in change as the wheels are
displaced vertically, one for front and another for rear.  That's there in both
reports, so we can compare the swing axle and double joint rears.

I've attached both these pages to you John (p53 is obviously Notch, p60 is
Fastback report), but the list won't see them.
I'll see what I can do to get copies of the whole of the reports available.
MIRA charges about £20 ($30) for a paper copy, but they may turn a blind eye to
enthusiasts doing it, or maybe charge an honesty fee, like shareware.

I think the rocker heights were from front end of rocker and rear end of rocker.
What else would be helpful to know?  It may be in there.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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