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Re: [T3] Stuck brake Pistonss

On 16 Dec 2002 at 7:04, michael mcginnis wrote:

> I'm not being negative towards anyone, but I was removing stuck
> pistons once and with 1 piston out we blocked the hole with a clamp
> and something(I don't remember what).  We applied compressed air to
> the caliper.  Nothing happened and just when I was going to give up,
> the piston came out.  It hit the opposite side of the caliper and then
> flew approx 25 feet and hit the tool box.  

I had a similar experience when I was first doing this. I agree, opening them 
with compressed air IS DANGEROUS. I was always worried about losing a finger 
when one came out explosively. I don't use compressed air any more.

For the last 25 years I've used water. That's right. I pump them full of water 
and bleed them so there is no air in them, then pump up the water pressure. The 
first time I did this I was amazed: NO POP, NO explosion. The piston just 
pushed slowly out of the caliper and dropped free. It's almost a 

Of course you have to remove the water when you're done, but once they are 
apart you can wash with soap and water, rinse well with water and then alcohol, 
and then let them dry.

Grease would work the same way, but water drys completely and doesn't harm the 
metal or rubber parts. You may want to dry the bores off with a paper towell 
when you're finished to prevent surface rusting while they're drying, but even 
that causes no problems if you have a dry area where they can dry quickly.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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