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Re: [T3] Carb tuning

On 15 Dec 2002 at 22:26, Everett Barnes wrote:

> > I also sometimes find that the throttle doesn't always close the whole
> way, and that twisting it all the way closed will make the idle slower. I am
> not sure how this can be adjusted/fixed. How would you go about lubricating
> the throttle cable?
> >
> This has happened to me when the right hand side throttle rod was
> incorrectly adjusted (too long).  You could remove the right hand rod and
> see if the idle drops to the correct level after reving the engine a little.

If the throttle fails to drop back all the way when you just twist the linkage 
from the engine compartment, then the problem must be in the engine compartment 
(because the throttle cable never moved.)

If it works fine from the engine compartment but seems to stick when you run it 
from the pedal, then the problem is either in the cable or the pedal. The best 
way to lubricate the cable is to remove it and smear grease on it as you slide 
it back into place.

On late cars look for problems with the carpet catching on the "cam" on the 
back of the pedal. There is often a burr on one corner that can be filed 
smooth; this will make it more reliable.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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