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[T3] Technical Data {was Converting Single MC to Dual MC)

>I don't know what the various inertia evaluations refer to.  There was pitching
>(1,125 slugs ft2), rolling (224 slugs ft2) and yawing (1,211 slugs ft2).
>If we knew what slugs were, it would make it easier to work out what it is I

A slug is the English standard unit of mass.  

1 lbs (force) = 1 slug x 32.2 ft/sec2 (acceleration of gravity).

The inertias are the resistances to rotating about the center of gravity
around the three primary axis of the car (pitching - horizontal cross car
axis, rolling - horizontal front to rear axis, and yawing - vertical axis). 
It is interesting that they measured these.  In this case they are a
combined measurement of things like the compliance of the body, springs,
tires, etc. and the mass distribution of the vehicle.

I will have to save these to my technical archives.  Any info on the other
body styles, Dave?

>Incidentally, rocker to ground height is given as 8.8" at the rear and 8.6" at
>the front.  Rear damper mounting to ground is 5.2", and rear of engine
>compartment cover to ground is 37.2".   I assume that was before they started
>putting it through the various tests!

hhhhhmmmmm....in my calculations regarding the effects of lowering on the
caster angle, I had assumed that the design orientation of the vehicle was
horizontal.  This indicates that VW may have had a slight nose down


Only kidding.  But I should go back and see what effect this has on the
numbers I calculated since one of my initial assumptions was wrong.  Dave,
does the report give the lengthwise position of these measurements so that I
can calculate the angle?

Will keep everyone posted.

John Jaranson (that pesky engineering side of me coming out again...)
'71 FI AT Fasty (Jane - Darkside Project)
'66 Square (Sophy - Daily Driver)
About Half a Late Square (Organ Donor)

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