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[T3] Carb tuning

I think I've finally got my carbs adjusted right. I thought they were more
or less OK, but a bit fast but when I started the engine up today, for the
first time in about 3 weeks (I've been both ill with pneumonia and too busy
to work on the car, plus the weather's been nasty), the idle was way too
high (about 1400), even after letting the engine warm up well. It was also
still hunting so I assumed I still had the idle circuit tuned too rich.

I played about with it for a bit and this is how it goes now:

It idles at about 1100 while the chokes are closed. This goes down to
somewhere in the high 900s to the low 1000s (approx 980 to 1000 and
something) when the chokes open.When I increase the rpms it goes up cleanly
without missing, and then goes down again quite quickly. The carbs are
balanced and synced, as far as I can see. There's almost no black smoke
coming out of the exhaust.


How stable is stable? Is it possible to get it so the rpms stay exactly the
same all the time? How accurate is my electronic tachometer likely to be?

Is it worth playing about any more to get 980-990 down to 950, or am I close

The only thing I haven't yet checked is what happens when I put it in gear.
As I know that being too rich makes it conk out, and as I can't fix this
without someone to help, this will have to wait until a friend of mine has
time to come over, and should be easy to sort out.

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

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