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Re: [T3] Converting Single MC to Dual MC

On 13 Dec 2002 at 20:36, Keith Park wrote:

> OK... but they why dont the just size the MC smaller instead of using the
> more elaborate power assist unit??

Sometimes you could do this, but sometimes you would need too much stroke if 
the brakes needed to be adjusted. I suspect that marketing had a LOT to do with 
this: Remember how the ads would hawk the fact that some new car came with 
Power Steering AND Power Brakes, so marketing and perceived market pressure 
would push things in a pointless direction.

> My Little Opel and Golf are also power assist brakes.

I have to admit that driving a car with power brakes makes me forget what it's 
like to actually be responisble for applying FORCE to the brake pedal. 
Americans expect not to have to do anything that might be perceived as 
requiring an effort, so this is what we got. I wonder if european Opals came 
with power brakes.

Didn't some type 4s come with power brakes, too.

Remember: It's not what you need. It's what I can talk you into buying.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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