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Re: [T3] Converting Single MC to Dual MC

> I think the really interesting number from your test above would be to
> what number you get for the rears with the same pedal force (fluid
> that locked up the fronts. > snip>
> I wonder if this is a test they could do?

There's only one pair of rollers - I guess with a device to set the pedal
pressure the same it would be possible.

> we could estimate the
> weight transfer as a function of deceleration if we knew how high the C of
> was.

It's 1.68' above the road and 3.06' from rear axle; pitching inertia is
1,125 slugs ft2.
(what are slugs apart from those nasty slimy gastropods?).

> Have you ever worked over the physics problem of how much force it takes
> slow down an ocean liner if you take it's rope and wrap it a few times
around a
> fixed post? If you make very modest assumptions about the coefficient of
> friction you discover that a small force pulling on the free end of the
> will overcome HUGE forces trying to pull away on the ocean liner end.

I've never tried it with an ocean liner, but it comes in handy when felling
small trees to stop them smashing the garden up too badly.  I wouldn't try
it with the dead tree you've got, Jim!

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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