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Re: [T3] Anti-theft?

--- Hal Sullivan <tristessa@pon.net> wrote:
> I liked that taser/Club combo I saw in someones car
> during Invasion Weekend
> at the campground in .. Nampa?  Caldwell?  Wherever
> it was.  Now *THAT* is 
> what *I* call a theft deterrent device.  =)

As pathetic as it sounds, I believe if a potential
thief was harmed in any way by such a device that he
could sue the owner of the automobile and possibly
win. When my Jetta was stolen, I looked into many
anti-theft devices, including one that would basically
render the thief deaf from an inside sound blast if he
(or she) tried to start the car without the key. I
seem to recall seeing disclaimers on the guy's website
claiming you should "check your local municipality's
regulations" on this because it was potentially

I gather it's the same kind of thinking that if a
thief enters your home, and you shoot him or wound him
in some way, he can sue you.

For all I know, these are both urban legends, but I
think we all know how crafty defense attourneys can
be. :)


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