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Re: [T3] A notchback im buying

On 12 Dec 2002 at 21:47, Ken wrote:

> I'm buying a notchback in a few days and I guess the car
> was brought into United States through germany. It has a Washington state
> issued VIN. Do European cars have VIN #s?? or Do the states issue them #'s
> like this one?  

In general, VINs are assigned by the auto manufacturer. The only exception that 
I know of is for home made vehicles and cars which are built up from so many 
unrelated parts that it is impossible to claim an original identity.

> Plus it has a 67 pan with a VIN and its registered as a 64, so I'm
> kinda worried that when I change over the title I might have problems
> with the VIN on the pan. 

While this may well vary by state, I think most states go by the pan VIN. The 
VIN originally appeared as many as 4 times on later cars and at least 2 places 
on all of our cars, but the pan one is usually taken as the "official" one. Of 
course it is always possible to find a DMV inspector who doesn't know where to 
look, or just takes an owner's word for it, so it's certainly possible to end 
up with almost anything. Another problem would be whether they recognized the 
pan VIN as being from 67.

My experience has been that as long as the car stays in the same state there is 
no problem, but once you move it to a new state it gets a closer inspection (I 
hear there are states which are particularly lax on this) and it is likely to 
get set back to the correct pan VIN.

In my opinion, if your pan VIN has a 7 as its third digit your car should be 
registered as a 67. When you go to register your car you should be alert to 
make sure that they don't get confused and try to write it down wrong, as a 77 
for example. It's a lot harder to straighten these problems out after the fact.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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