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Re: [T3] Auto Transmission

On 13 Dec 2002 at 7:55, jason.smith@sarcom.com wrote:

> I took Jim A.'s advice and am just going to buy the Squareback "as is" at a
> lower price and try to fix it myself.  BONUS: I found out that the car only
> has 56,000 miles on it.  Originally the ad said 156,000 cause he just asumed
> that it was that high on and old car but then with inspection of the title
> it is only 56,000 cool.

As soon as you take posession, check the ATF level (engine running, level 
ground) and make sure it is okay. Top it up if necessary. Check the hose to the 
VM on the AT to make sure it is connected properly at both ends and that the 
hose is clear and not kinked.

If this doesn't do it, drive slowly home (top speed in AT 2nd gear is ~50, so 
I'd keep it at 45) and plan to work on it there. I'd start by dropping the AT 
pan and just inspect inside there to see what you find. There is a filter in 
there which does not get replaced, just cleaned and put back. 

Be careful with cleanliness, use a new pan gasket, and DON'T overtighten the 
pan bolts, you can easily deform the pan.

You should also check, and top up, the final drive gear oil. For this you need 
something meeting GL-5 specs for the AT final drive. On a new car puschase I 
like to check this level first and then completely drain and refill it. Watch 
what comes out and clean out the magnetic drain plug the same as you would with 
an MT.

Good luck!  ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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