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Re: [T3] Where to start a resto?

Thanks all for all the replies received to date. It's been good. 

I've owned the car for about six months, and got it re-registered about
five months ago. I posted some pics back then, too:


The images with the green panels is the current status. It's been
heavily driven recently as a friend really needed a car whilst hers was
being restored. Images of what her (award winning) car now looks like is

Exterior (front quarter):

Fuel tank and wheel well:

Exterior (rear quarter):


Interior, carpets:

In fact, if you like Type 3's and KG's, go here:

eg, Nice type 34:

As suggested, I will get the basic troubles sorted first - it's easy to
do, and it'll give me time to find the panels and trim I need to buy or

The car drives well, so I don't think overhauling the steering would do
much, but I did want to eventually re-powdercoat the steering column in
the correct color. 

The underside of the car is pretty good - no real rust, just surface
bits here and there. The heater channels are clear and no rust. So I
don't think it needs the pan off, but it would be nice so I *know* that
it's been closely looked at and all repainted.

Beyond being a bugger to start sometimes, the engine is excellent - it
has plenty of power, is pretty frugal and goes nicely. The only problem
is that one of the cylinder heads has a stripped spark plug stuck in it,
so to get rid of that will entail either helicoiling it out, or outright
head replacement. It blows a tiny bit of smoke, but doesn't use oil, so
basically I think the valves need re-adjusting. I'll simply do a short
block rebuild, replacing the worn and cleaning and checking everything
else as I go. I have the John Muir book (edition 20, perfect bound) and
I've always found it to be excellent (I have a c.1988 vintage copy as
well, spiral bound). I will add the Bentley manual to my library -
excellent suggestion.

The clutch and gearbox are buggered and need replacing or something.
Don't be surprised if the list gets a few questions when I do this, as
the gate is so sloppy and the clutch in dire need of new bits. For
example, if I roll to a stop in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gears with the clutch
in, I can't get it out of gear, causing the car to stall. I have to open
the door and rock the car with my foot to disengage the gear. Neutral
and reverse can be hard to find, if you can believe it. This is the
highest priority mechanical fix. 

The brakes, although allegedly completely restored as part of the rego,
are simply not good enough. I'm not sure but I'd like to take advice on
getting rid of the wooden feeling and getting some bite back in the
pedal. I have new pads on all wheels, new brake lines, the front disks
were machined and look shiny, replaced master cylinder and fresh brake
fluid. It's just that it's like being in a really heavy Beetle or a new
car when the engine has stalled and you've lost all power assistance. 

The front right (drivers) guard is bogged up to the eyeballs, as is the
left passenger rear, so I'll buy undamaged panels in the meantime. The
front grills in front of the A pillar are full of dirt and leaves. I
don't know how to get in there to get rid of it. Luckily, I'm only
missing a bit of trim, two side indicator lights and all the rubbers
have rotted away and will need replacing with new. All glass is good as
far as I can tell, but I will get the windscreen re-polished to take out
a wiper gouge. The dash, as always, has a huge crack in it, but I'm
assured by the resto shop that they can get that repaired as new. And
they have several type threes with pristine interiors proving this. 

For panel work whilst I am on leave over Christmas, I'm going to strip
all the bubbling down in the next week or so and slow the rust until I
get a chance to deal with the body correctly. I'll also strip and
repaint the green panels white to hold me in place until it's time to do
the body properly.


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