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[T3] resto: and where to begin...just my two bits

hello all,

 After reading some of the posts on said subject I
felt compelled to put my 2 bits in. First of all
congrats on anyone whom is trying to restore their
vehicle, especially yours in this instance.  In this
day and age where most new cars are just plain over
engineered, too big, and about as visually appealing
as looking at mangled roadkill it's nice to see people
taking the time to bring back good old fashioned
decent cars again.  Many people have done this, I am
in the process of doing this (i have a 1973 squareback
myself), welcome aboard. :-)
  As for what you need to do first well here's were my
two bits comes into play here. First of all, get the
bentley manual.  Since I am unaware if you have this
book it is not only a godsend, it's one of the must
have books while doing your project car. They hayes
book is good to but I'd put my faith in the Bentley
  Also is the Idiot Guide, by John Muir.  These two
books will both make restoration a heck of a lot
easier and if it breaks down you can run procedures to
get it back on the road again.  Before you really do
anything in terms of removal of parts get these books
first.  Remember do your research now on what you have
and when problems or problem areas do occur ( like
year specific items, or rust areas, basic
mechanical/electrical of that ilk) than you will know
what to look for and not get too frustrated along the
  Another thing to do is get sandwhich bags as well as
masking tape as well as a marker or pen.  Nothing
discourages people more is to take something
apart,order said part, waits a few weeks or so and get
the replacement parts for it, and then not know where
the screws, nuts or bolts went to to put the item back
onto or into the car.  So those bags will make life
easier and more productive in the long run; especially
when labeled. :-)
  One thing that has to be said about any restoration,
whether it be one of our cars or anything that can be
restored in general is focus;  you must stay focused
on one thing at a time to get a project done. 
Otherwise resto projects have a bad habit of causing
your wallet or billfold or even purse, for that
matter, to go on life support. Take your time, do one
thing at at time that needs to be done.  Remember
safety for you as well as the occupants that will ride
with you are important.  I know that that is stating
the obvious but it should be said for clarity as well
as to make a point.  Some people pour vast sums of
money in an engine but don't replace the original fuel
lines or even take a look at the brake system for that
matter.  Be attentive to detail and your car will come
out just fine, no matter what the restoration part of
it will be. Where the list you posted is quite
extensive focus one at a time.
  One thing also to keep aware of is parts.  With some
dilligent searching you can find what you are looking
for.  Ebay is one area, junkyards are another.  Swap
meets are also good and the people that you meet will
want to point you out in the right direction.  Also
keep aware that people (in this group)might also have
parts that they can sell to or rebuild for you for a
  Finally never be afraid to ask questions.  If
something makes you scratch your head than let this
group or any other forum that you can get to know
know. Remember their are plenty of people to help you
in the endevour and no question is stupid.  We all had
to start this way and the cool part is that by the
time that you get your car done you would have learned
valuable knowledge and experience that when someone
else needs that type of help you easily point out your
own experiences.

  Good luck on your project.  Heck send this group
some pics when you get the opportunity or if you have
a web page point us out to it.  It is always
wonderfull to witness other peoples cars as they come

dennis perusse

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