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Re: [T3] Converting Single MC to Dual MC

On 12 Dec 2002 at 20:14, Keith Park wrote:

> If you take off the rear drum brakes and put on rear disc's and change
> nothing else the pedal pressure goes way up...

That would depend completely on how well you had chosen the size of the new 
rear caliper pistons. Properly done you should not be able to tell any 

> In my 88 RX7, with its 4 wheel disc's and fancy 4pot front calipers... if I
> lose power assist I can STAND on the brake pedal and feel little more than
> youd feel pulling the emergency brakes!

That's because the MC piston size was chosen for power assist. It's a different 
kind of proportioning: master/wheel proportioning as opposed to F/R 

If you replaced your RX7 MC with one with a much smaller diameter then you 
would be fine again.

But, yes, it is always frightening to lose your power assist suddenly if you 
are used to having it. I had the engine in our family Buick die one night 40 
years ago as I was going around some hairpin turns. I suddenly get a "crash" 
course in how much work the power steering had been doing all along. Same story 
with the brakes....

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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