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Re: [T3] Converting Single MC to Dual MC

> I've never spend much time thinking about this, but this thread got me to
> thinking (ouch

Uh Oh... we woke up our resident Physicist!

> I suspect that this is what's happening in drum brakes. In other words,
> a big mechanical advantage to applying that force tangentially. Then the
> leading shoe thing adds to this for one shoe, but takes away for the
> [Except for early type 3 fronts with 2 leading shoes.]

Yes... the rear drum shoes "Wrap into the drum" when applied (hows that for
a not technical term?)
but maybe I can put it better by saying that as you apply them more they
tend to need less to continue forcing them into the drum... this is not the
case with disc brakes and is why with disc front brakes you often find them
power assist... and with 4 wheel disc brakes you almost ALWAYS find them
power assist..

If you take off the rear drum brakes and put on rear disc's and change
nothing else the pedal pressure goes way up...

In my 88 RX7, with its 4 wheel disc's and fancy 4pot front calipers... if I
lose power assist I can STAND on the brake pedal and feel little more than
youd feel pulling the emergency brakes!


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