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[T3] Where to start a resto?

<x-charset utf-8>Hi folks,

Iâm about to get going on my first resto, so please be gentle. :) I have no illusions about how long it is going to take, and I am going to outsource some of the work, like welding (I have no tools and no experience and more to the point, I want it to be good as well as structurally sound :)

What Iâm after is this a reasonable set of major project headings, and in roughly the right order?

* Carefully remove all interior bits, clean and bag âem for later
* Remove all panels, replace the bodgy / boggy ones
* Split the pan from the body?
* Strip / sandblast paint from all panels and pan
* Fix rust (Probably outsource some of this, can't weld for crap)
* Powdercoat tinware and petrol tank (outsource this)
* re-chrome all chrome bits
* Repaint pan
* Rejoin body to pan? 
* Smooth/fill and prime body, final sand
* Paint (Iâm outsourcing the final coats to a body shop)
* POR15 under pan
* Steering overhaul
* Engine overhaul
* Brake overhaul
* Interior re-trim (Iâll outsource a few things, like seat re-upholstery and fixing the dash, but I'll follow the excellent howtos on fixing the clock, et al)

I have the ordinary set of tools lying around (luckily, we've been metric here since before I was born), and Iâll get what I need when I need them. 


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