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Re: [T3] Converting Single MC to Dual MC

> But.. Jim, since you brake  about 2/3 on the front and the rest rear...
> does this proportion stay the same with such a different type brake
> (caliper vs Drum).

When the Variant brakes are being checked on the rolling road for the annual
test, I get about 200 units on the front before locking and 300 on the
rears, and the guy said last time he'd never seen such high figures for an
e-brake, at around 200 (but we all know they are good if working well).

There would be some weight shift on hard braking, but would it rise as high
as 2:1 front to rear? That's about what our w/c VWs do on the rolling road.
I'd say rear linings wear in about the same time as front pads, or maybe a
bit quicker.  The total area of brake surface must be greater for the rear
linings than the front.  It's maybe not the same compound so a direct
comparison isn't reliable, but it still points in the same direction, that
our rear brakes take a significant proportion of the braking effort.  I
reckon it's more than half.

The calipers produce more than 3 times as much force on the disc as the
wheel cylinders produce on the drums, but the leading shoes on the rear
brakes have a mechanical servo effect.

Any figures from anywhere to support me on this?

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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