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Re: [T3] Fastback car cover?

> However, even in midwinter over here we get quite a few sunny days, and
> whenever I get the chance I take the covers off to let it bask in the sun.
> try to do this at least once a week. I doubt if you can do this in the UK.

I doubt Israel and the UK are in the same league for how long water stays on
a car before evaporating, at any season of the year.  Just as you can get
hiking jackets that let you stay reasonably dry but ventilated, so too you
can get car covers (at a price).  You will still maintain a higher humidity
under it next to the paint, and if you get any wind on the car, the amount
of abrasion of the paint can be significant, especially on the roof edges
which already have thin paint.

You paint a black picture of our climate, Daniel.  If it was never dry in
the UK in winter, we'd never get the cats to go outside in the garden!
Mind you, we did get a sprinkling of snow here yesterday, courtesy of the
winds from the East, so the media (bless their under-stimulated souls) were
going on about the odds on a white Christmas.  It could be worse I suppose,
they might start discussing non-trivial things if they weren't distracted.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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