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Re: [T3] heater upgrade

>> Are heater channels available?  I've never
> > seen any but I may not be looking in the right place.

They appear from time to time, but are rare.  A car hit in the side in its
youth would often have been considered economical to repair, and these
sections were available 30 years ago, as too were complete sides or sections
of them.  The Type 3 body repair manual does deal with replacement of these
areas, and give measurements to help restore the original shape.

The main length of the rocker is an inner 'top-hat' section with a centre
curved web that together act as a container for the heater pipe, and an
outer rocker.  At the front and rear there are extra pieces of metal joining
them together, and B-post bracing part way along.
The three main lengths come to a common flange at the top and bottom, the
top flange being covered by the trim strip.  There is a loose cover over the
left side where the main wiring harness goes (in RHD anyway - I expect it's
the same for LHD, as it needs less wire for that side!).

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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