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Re: [T3] heater upgrade


Jeff Palmer wrote:

Ok that sounds reasonable to me!  Are heater channels available?

You could do what I did. I traveled from Europe to USA to pick up a good used pair from California (thanks again, Hal!)

Seriously, I have experienced cold winters in my type 3, and with a rusted left heater channel and non-working gas heater, it was handy to have an ice scrape close to the right hand, to scrape the ice off the inside of the windshield. Before the left heater rusted out too much, I had a nice and warm car. During a 1 hour drive in -5C (~25F) I had +35C (~90F) inside the car. What I saw a s a problem was when traffic was standing still. As Steven said, the fan pumps out enough air, but that is under rpms. It doesnt push that much at idle, and at idle, not much air enters the cabin.

To remedy this, I have a fan that I found in a 1978 Bus. This is a squirrel cage fan, with two outlets and flaps to let the fan push air into the system, but the flaps closes when the electrical fan is shut off, so that cooling air wont escape through the fan. If VW installed this fan in the late buses, there "must" have been a need for it, wont you think? I have not yet installed this fan in my car.

73 Variant L

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